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Not bad

The animation was great and the graphics. The sound was good too. Matched the atmosphere.

Add a story. It WILL make it much better. Also it was a bit short

3/5 Review Request Club

Soupcat responds:

Well, glad to hear that about the audio. I'm always a bit worried that the music won't fit, or won't be in sync...etc.
Bt it always turns out good, glad it did this time as well.

Then, a story, I'd be happy if you'd send me a script and voiced it.
And I'd be happy to spend 3 months on a 5 minute animation, but only if I have neough booze.
Sponsering? Anybody?

But, thanks ffor the review! I love taht little club of yours, and I will participate happly.

Not bad

The theme of Final Fantasy, (I think) and the humor.

Add some sound and the theme music for those kind of battles. Instead of bubbles, maybe voice acting and some background music. The backgrounds were very plain and boring so add some new background instead of Newgrounds.

2/5 Review Request Club

Paradox responds:

Thanks, man. I was going to do voice acting at one point, but the whole idea seemed kind of hard, and I wasn't sure if it would have been worth it. And yeah, I should have used some better backgrounds, I know. But, I suppose, in the future, new people who never got to see Newgrounds before the redesign can be like "omfg, Newgrounds used to look really boring.

Thanks a lot! :)

That was totally crap

EVERYTHING!!! The whole flash fucking sucked ass. It wasn't even a flash. First off , get a damn story. Second make good graphics and animation. Then add music and good sound effects and add violence. Then add some funny gag or joke or some shit like that, but NOT this. This wasn't even funny.

Plz redo this whole thing.

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Get rid of the invicincibility

I suggest you change it to a power up that disappears after you hit 5 saws or so. Because with the invincibility, its too easy.

Great gane though

Maxwelldoggums responds:

ok, Thats a good idea.

Nice game

Some graphics like the safe can be better looking. There were also some deaths with no screams or sounds at all. You should add more. thats about it

There was a bunch of options to choose from and a hel of a lot of violence.. Gj

Review Request Club

Good tutorial (too hard for me though)

Add a soundtrack, the ability to change backgrounds, normal stuff like that in a tutorial

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Cool drums

It was pretty peaceful for a while and then it got diverse. The drum beats were pretty cool too. It all flowed fluently well together. I liked it

(Audio) Review Request Club

winKoneR responds:

I´m glad that you liked it ;) thnx for reviewing ;)

Nice soothing beat

There's not a lot of SMB audio on Piranha plants so there is originality. Not really a lot of diversity. Sounds like the same thing over and over again. Good clarity. See you put some effort. Maybe you could put a lil more into it.

Just make it more diverse. Then it'll be great

(Audio) Review Request CLub

Nice tune

here was not that much originality cause it sounds like you added to the recording or something like that. There was a lot of diversity because everything kept changing. thats good. The clarity was great too. I can see you put not a lot butsome effort into this.

Overall, good job.

Review Request Club (including Audio)

winKoneR responds:

not that much originality ?!! >:(

As a mattr of fact, Newgrounds still sucks

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